And... our Second grade Perfect Attendance, with fabulous parents, are: Jeron Argon, MiAngel Bell, Olivia Chavez, Laylah Fernandez and Kenny Grimes. Let's give a whoop whoop to all these amazing kids and their parents for making school a priority!
about 1 hour ago, Rita Robinson
2nd Grade - 1st Sem Perfect Attend
More Perfect Attendance for the first Semester are our First Graders! Gabriel Maes, Carlito's Barron, Oliver Case, Orion Coffman, Charles Daurio, Paytin Encinias, Lovella Harmon, Kenzie Kreft, Boaz Merwin! Way to go parents and students!
about 2 hours ago, Rita Robinson
1st Grade - 1st Semester Perfect Attendance
If you think perfect attendance for quarter is amazing - it gets better!! We have students who did not miss a single day of school from August through Christmas!! In Kindergarten we have: Milani Aragon, Legacy Gallatin, Anthony Garcia, Kaleb Myers, Ryleigh SanchezWhatley, Esai Vallejos
about 2 hours ago, Rita Robinson
Kinder - 1st Sem Perfect Attendance
Just a quick reminder from Rocky Ford School District... the COVID restrictions along with the small gym space at Jefferson will prevent us from having any spectators at home Junior High basketball games. If the restrictions are lifted in any way, we will be sure to notify everyone promptly.
about 5 hours ago, Kermit Snyder
Rocky Ford School District will have a two hour delay tomorrow morning (Wednesday, January 27) due to the weather conditions.
about 22 hours ago, Kermit Snyder
And even more amazing students and parents! Second graders with perfect attendance for the 2nd quarter are: Damian Marquez, MiAngel Bell, Logan Carrick, Olivia Chavez, Layla Fernandez, Kenny Grimes, Hailey Lopez, Jeremiah Otero, Shae Raines, Maria RodriguezFierro, Jaxx Thompson and Carlos Warman.
about 23 hours ago, Rita Robinson
We have such awesome kids and parents! Here are WPS' 1st grade students with perfect attendance for the 2nd quarter: Spencer Baker, Carlito's Barron, Anthony Bonds, Oliver Case, Orion Coffman, Charles Daurio, Mauricio Duran, Paytin Encinias, Santiago Encinias, Luke Fraser, Zakary Garcia, Lovella Harmon, Kenzie Kreft, Boaz Merwin
1 day ago, Rita Robinson
1st Grade 2nd Quarter
Way to go students AND parents!! These WPS students had perfect attendance for the 2nd quarter of the school year. Our Kindergartners are: Milani Aragon, Eddicus Butler, Joshua Butler, Alexa Caltzontzin, Legacy Gallatin, Anthony Garcia, Esmeralda MarchandFierro, Kaleb Myers, Ryleigh Sanchez-Whatley, Jazmin SantosHernandez, Esai Vallejos, JoJo Sandoval. What a perfect way to start schooling successes!
1 day ago, Rita Robinson
Kinder 2nd Quarter
The Rocky Ford School District is cancelling after school Youth Club services for today.
1 day ago, Sharon Trujillo
RFJSHS Seniors: A representative from Herff Jones will be here tomorrow (1.27.21) at 12:30pm to talk with all seniors. He will be available until 2pm for seniors and parents to order and answer questions about cap and gown.
1 day ago, Cindy Cowan
RFJSHS 9th graders: Come join us Wednesday, January 27th from 3-4pm in the auditorium for the CSU Virtual College Visit. If you are unable to come in person, here is the Google Meet link
1 day ago, Cindy Cowan
All basketball games for Rocky Ford High School have been canceled for today (Tuesday, Jan. 26). The Junior High Boys basketball game in Lamar has also been canceled.
1 day ago, Kermit Snyder
February Scholarship Newsletter:
2 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Senior Financial Newsletter
Today’s snowy weather was a good reminder to communicate with parents and students about Rocky Ford School District’s plans for possible snow days. After careful consideration of all factors surrounding snow days, Rocky Ford School District has decided to cancel all instructional services including remote learning in the event of a snow day. The academic calendar for the district has four snow days built in. Therefore, the district will cancel all instruction for up to four snow days per year. If by chance more snow days are needed, any days beyond the four scheduled snow days will have to be replaced with remote learning. More details can be found here: Alerts for snow days will continue to be communicated in the same way: text message, district app for mobile devices, district website, radio (1400 KBLJ), and TV (KRDO).
2 days ago, Kermit Snyder
Menu for the week of January 25th
2 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Starting this week, JIS and RFJSHS have teamed up to host a food drive. If you are able, send your child to school with non-perishable items to help out families in need during these hard times. All food will be donated to the local food pantry!
3 days ago, Cindy Cowan
​All home sports events for Rocky Ford High School will be streamed live to YouTube. The YouTube channel is named Webmaster R2. The address of the channel is: On the scheduled day and time of the event, please visit the Webmaster R2 YouTube channel to watch all the action (Basketball and Wrestling). High School basketball and wrestling "away" events will be broadcast using the specific video service chosen by the host school. Therefore, away events will not appear on the Webmaster R2 channel, only home events. The district will share information for away events as it is made available.
5 days ago, Kermit Snyder
RFJSHS student council will be sponsoring a local food drive from 1/25 to 2/11. Please drop off items at any of the three schools.
6 days ago, Cassie Brusuelas
Local food drive 1/25-2/11.
Order a “Crush Gram” to help purchase care packages for residents at Pioneer Nursing Home and Cottonwood Assisted Living. See attached photo for details.
6 days ago, Cassie Brusuelas
Crush Grams
RFJSHS 10th Graders: Come join us today, 1.21.21 - from 3-4pm in the auditorium for the CSU Virtual Campus Visit. If you are unable to come in person, here is the Google Meet link
6 days ago, Cindy Cowan