Menu for the week of July 19th
7 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
There was a mistake on Rocky Ford School District's plan for instructional services for the upcoming school year. The plan indicated that August 17th would be the first day of classes, which is incorrect. The first day of classes for all students will actually be August 16th. Plan for Instructional Services 2021-2022: 2021-2022 District Calendar:
12 days ago, Kermit Snyder
Here are the supply lists for the Rocky Ford School District for the 2021/2022 school year: Washington School Supply Lists (Grades K-2): Jefferson School Supply Lists (Grades 3-6): Junior High School Supply Lists (Grades 7-8):
13 days ago, Kermit Snyder
Rocky Ford School District student registration (both returning and new students) for the 2021/2022 school year will take place on August 4th & 5th from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the high school cafeteria. Please mark it on your calendars! We are excited for a year with fewer disruptions! Please call the district office if you have any questions: 719-254-7423
13 days ago, Kermit Snyder
Free hot meals for children - see the flyer for details
18 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Hot Meals
Menu for the week of July 12th
18 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Annual Meloneer Scramble - Register Today!!
19 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Menu for the week of July 5th & Free Meals Flyer
27 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Free meals
RFSD will not be serving Grab & Go meals this week. Please see the attached flyer for more details on upcoming changes.
29 days ago, Sharon Trujillo
Washington Primary School summer school students wrapped up their STEM projects today. We made our final observations and notes. The beans sprouted!! We had some moldy ones, too, but that's just an extra learning opportunity!! While students' sugar crystal experiment was a fail, students did get to experience what the outcome should have been. A big thank you to Taffy's (located in Pueblo) for helping us acquire rock candy suckers! This has been so much fun! A special thanks to my staff who came in on their summer breaks to volunteer to help with some of these projects. WPS is the best!!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
rocky candy
bean sprouts
Today, Washington students jumped into the field of aeronautics. First, we "built" our airplanes, then.... Watch those paper airplanes fly!!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
paper airplanes
On Tuesday, Washington students became architects. We have some real talent here!! We built structures using toothpicks, jelly beans and just a few left-over mini-marshmallows. The biggest challenge was not eating our connectors!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
On Monday, 6/21, Washington students became mechanical engineers and created catapults. Then, we catapulted mini-marshmallows into the air. Oh my, the laughter and giggles were indescribable!!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
Menu for the week of June 21st
about 1 month ago, Sharon Trujillo
Washington students are enjoying a movie today. Thank you Grand Theater for making this possible!! While many of our experiments have been successful, the rocky candy was a failure. It did not crystalize. Why? Could be many reasons... not enough sugar (really? after 30 pounds!!), could have been the coloring. Could be the HEAT! That's what we are blaming it on. The cooler lines sprung a leak, so we were not able to run the air conditioning in the gym until repaired. Thank you WPS custodians for fixing this!!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
water 1
Washington students went on a bird walk. We pretended we were the birds and had to decide as a team, what would be the best supplies to make a bird nest. The next day, we built our nests. The ultimate challenge, then, was to see if it would keep our eggs safe! (Remember the slime - we kept it in our eggs). We had some successes!!
about 1 month ago, Rita Robinson
bird nests
Slimed! WPS students experienced slime! A little glue, some baking soda and a squirt or two of saline solution and a whole lot of fun!!
about 1 month ago, WPS
And the adventures continue... On day 6 WPS students began an experiment with sugar crystals. I wonder how long it will take?
about 1 month ago, WPS
sugar crystals
WPS Summer School is passing quickly. To celebrate week 1 we finalized our Salt crystal experiment, and enjoyed some outdoor fun time and SNOW CONES! A giant Thank you to Mark Schroeder. Find that truck.. the snow cones are yummy!
about 1 month ago, WPS
salt crystals
fun day
On day 4, WPS students learned about sun-safety and how sunscreen works. We painted with sunscreen. Look what happens after they bake in the sun for awhile!
about 1 month ago, WPS
sunscreen painting