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What is Rooms?

From work, to home, to school, our phones are a key tool to navigate and communicate throughout the day. The Rocky Ford school app makes it easy for your families to stay up to date with district news and events. As a continuation of our strategic communication plan, we are making it easier for families to stay in touch with teachers and class information from that same app with Rooms. Using the Rock Ford app families can easily switch from district and school information to Rooms, where they can see their student’s classes and engage directly with teachers. Rooms can be accessed via the web and from our district app, which is available for free and can be used from both Apple and Android phones.

Why is Rocky Ford using Rooms?

Parents, students, and teachers all want and need a consistent and reliable form of communication. Rooms being built into our school app is offering our families a single destination to get school and classroom information

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Logging In

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Teachers log in using Thrillshare

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Rock Ford School District App

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If you would like to use Rooms on a browser instead of in our mobile app, use your log in credentials at

Rooms Overview


Getting Started

Step 1: Download the Rocky Ford app

Rocky Ford App for iOS

Rocky Ford App for Android

Step 2: Accept your Rooms invite

Check your personal email inbox for a Rooms invitation. To complete the sign up, click the link to create your password and log in.

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