Reflections on 4A: Retraction of Statement

In a recent article titled in part “Reflections on 4A” which was posted on Rocky Ford School District’s Facebook page and in the Rocky Ford Daily Gazette newspaper, I stated the following:     

“50% of property tax goes toward school funding. The other 50% goes toward other purposes that have nothing to do with the schools. Therefore, if the portion going to the school increases by 30% then the overall increase is 30% of 50% which, with some simple math, comes out to be only a 15% increase. Using percents to skew the information has been a common tactic for advertisements and opposition campaigns. I will get another chance to refute these incorrect numbers with the next bond election.”

I would like to retract that statement. It was pointed out to me that 30% is indeed correct when using the increase in the mill levy to calculate the percent. On average, property tax payers within the Rocky Ford School District boundaries pay a total of 53 mills. Out of this total, about 26 mills (or 49%) is applied toward school funding. If ballot issue 4A had passed, the mill levy would have increased by 16 mills and 16 mills on top of the current levy of 53 mills is in fact a 30% increase. - Dr. Kermit Snyder, Superintendent