For a map of Rocky Ford showing the buildings in the district, please click here: District Map

Washington Primary School - 709 S 11th St. - 719-254-7681 (office) - 719-254-7789 (fax)

Jefferson Intermediate School - 901 S 11th St. - 719-254-7669 (office) - 719-254-4307 (fax)

Rocky Ford Jr/Sr High School - 100 W Washington, 719-254-7431 (office) - 719-254-7436 (fax)

Administration Building - 601 S 8th St. - 719-254-7423 (office) - 719-254-7425 (fax)

Transportation - 28201 County Rd 18.75 - 719-254-3600 (office)


Staff Email Addresses:

Name Site Title Email Address
Amanda.Baker JIS teacher
amanda.efird RFHS teacher
Amber.Doak WPS aide
amber.evett JIS teacher
Amber.James JIS teacher
amy.fluke WPS teacher
andrew.dickinson RFHS teacher
anita.perez RFHS teacher
annie.busch JIS teacher
ashley.marshall Morlan JIS teacher
Ashley.Neel WPS teacher
beajae.viescas RFHS teacher
belinda.apodaca RFHS teacher
bernice.trujillo RFHS Librarian
betty.shepherd RFHS teacher
beverly.rodriguez RFHS teacher
Bo.Soden JIS teacher
Carla.Jones JIS teacher
casee.finnell WPS teacher
Cassie.Brusuelas RFHS teacher
cathy.maestas WPS aide
Cheryl.Vigil JIS Aide
christian.evett RFHS teacher
cindy.abert RFHS teacher
cindy.cowan RFHS principal
cindy.vonfeldt RFHS teacher
cody.ridennoure CO
Courtney.Monarco JIS teacher
Daleen.Munoz RFHS teacher
dani.hollis JIS teacher
dave.venem JIS teacher
dean.rees WPS teacher
don.beard RFHS teacher
Dorothy Jaramillo WPS aide
Dove.Pachak WPS teacher
ellen.froman WPS principal
elsie.sisneros WPS lab mgr
eric.vandyk RFHS teacher
felicita.mendoza JIS aide
Frank.Viescas JIS aide
geraldine.trujillo WPS teacher
heidi.sprouse CO secretary
howard.carter RFHS custodian
Ilene.beard RFHS teacher
james.vonfeldt WPS teacher
jane.hernandez WPS teacher
janet.arenas CO nurse
Jessica.Rodriguez JIS Aide
Jonathan.Colson RFHS teacher
joy.klein RFHS teacher
joyce.lobato JIS teacher
juan.gonzalez WPS custodian
Judith.Ortiz CO secretary
kari.kienitz RFHS secretary
Kassandra Martin JIS aide
kathy.soden WPS teacher
katie.dickenson WPS teacher
Keri.Cook WPS teacher
keri.robinson RFHS teacher
kermit.snyder CO
kim.davis JIS teacher
kim.schroeder CO nurse
krystal.arellano WPS aide
larry.dearcos BUS
larry.pfeiff RFHS teacher
LeeAnn.Hitsman RFHS teacher
leticia.malden JIS aide
lilly.maes WPS aide
Lupe.Ornelas WPS Aide
Mara.Romero JIS teacher
martha.Oquist WPS teacher
Martin.Valdez JIS teacher
Marylynn.Goodman JIS teacher
Matthew.Beard JIS teacher
Matthew.Robinson WPS aide
Melaina.Lucero JIS aide
melany.grinstead Lucero JIS teacher
Melissa.Franklin WPS aide
mike.jurney RFHS teacher
misty.sanchez JIS Aide
Monya.Jackson RFHS teacher
nancy.jenniges RFHS teacher
nicole.zimmerman JIS teacher
Niels.Rikhof RFHS teacher
pat.delong JIS teacher
Patti.Aldea JIS principal RFHS aide
patty.venem CO
qiana.martinez WPS teacher
ray.rodriguez RFHS custodian
rhonda.motzer WPS teacher
rita.robinson WPS Librarian
robert.rodriguez JIS custodian
robin.broce WPS secretary
ron.shepherd RFHS teacher
Rosa.Ramos JIS teacher
Sam.Herrera RFHS Iss
Sarah.Crespin JIS aide
sean.mcnames RFHS teacher
sharon.trujillo RFHS lab mgr
Sheila.Trujillo RFHS aide
Sonya.Gonzalez WPS aide
Sonya.Simmons JIS teacher
stephanie.jaramillo JIS aide
steven.duff RFHS teacher
steven.morris JIS aide
sue.shelton RFHS teacher
susan.bassett JIS teacher
tami.thomas RFHS
tammy.mameda RFHS teacher
tammy.ridennoure RFHS principal
theresa.maestas RFHS aide
Tina Haugen JIS secretary RFHS teacher
toni.apodaca WPS aide
Toni.Trujillo WPS aide
Tyler.Graham WPS teacher
viola.rodriquez WPS aide