Financial Transparency

Required Financial Transparency
Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-44-304
(Commencing July 1, 2015)

(All documents must be posted or updated within 60 days after completion or receipt of the applicable report, statement or document.)

(More information can be found at the Colorado Department of Education website: School Finance Division)

Disclaimer: Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. Some
transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable
when placed in the proper context. We welcome your questions regarding our financial
transactions or records.

Contact Information:

Patty Venem, Business Manager
Phone: 719-254-7423

Kermit Snyder, Superintendent
Phone: 719-254-7423

Folder District Adopted Budget (3 Files)
Download 2017-18Budget.xls
Download 2015-16 Budget.pdf
Download 2016-2017 Budget
Folder Individual School Site Financial Information (1 Files)
Download 2530_FY201516_Website_View.xlsx
Folder District Financial Audit (3 Files)
Download Audited_Financial_Statements_6-30-2016.pdf
Download Audited_Financial_Statements_6-30-2015.pdf
Download Audited Financial Statements 6-30-2014.pdf
Folder Quarterly Financial Statements (11 Files)
Download Quarterly Report October 2014.pdf
Download quarterlyreport033117.doc
Download Quarterly Report December 2014.pdf
Download Quarterly Report March 2015.pdf
Download Quarterly Report June 2015.pdf
Download Quarterly Report October 2015.pdf
Download Quarterly_Report_December_2015.pdf
Download Quarterly_Report_March_2016.pdf
Download Quarterly_Report_June_2016.pdf
Download Quarterly_Report_Sep_2016.pdf
Download Quarterly_Report_Dec_2016.pdf
Folder Salary Schedules (3 Files)
Download Salary_Schedules_2017-18.pdf
Download Salary Schedules 2015-16.pdf
Download Salary Schedules 2016-17
Folder Accounts Payable Check Registers (47 Files)
Sub Folder 2013-2014 School Year (12 Files)
Download April2014BillReport.pdf
Download August2013BillReport.pdf
Download December2013BillReport.pdf
Download February2014BillReport.pdf
Download January2014BillReport.pdf
Download July2013BillReport.pdf
Download June2013BillReport.pdf
Download March2014BillReport.pdf
Download May2014BillReport.pdf
Download November2013BillReport.pdf
Download October2013BillReport.pdf
Download September2013BillReport.pdf
Sub Folder 2014-2015 School Year (12 Files)
Download April2015BillReport.pdf
Download August2014BillReport.pdf
Download December2014BillReport.pdf
Download February2015BillReport.pdf
Download January2015BillReport.pdf
Download July2014BillReport.pdf
Download June2015BillReport.pdf
Download March2015BillReport.pdf
Download May2015BillReport.pdf
Download November2014BillReport.pdf
Download October2014BillReport.pdf
Download September2014BillReport.pdf
Sub Folder 2015-2016 School Year (12 Files)
Download July2015BillReport.pdf
Download August2015BillReport.pdf
Download September2015BillReport.pdf
Download October2015BillReport.pdf
Download November2015BillReport.pdf
Download December2015BillReport.pdf
Download January2016BillReport.pdf
Download February2016BillReport.pdf
Download March2016BillReport.pdf
Download April2016BillReport.pdf
Download May2016BillReport.pdf
Download June2016BillReport.pdf
Sub Folder 2016-2017 School Year (11 Files)
Download April2017BillReport.xlsx
Download February2017BillReport.xlsx
Download July2016BillReport.pdf
Download March2017BillReport.xlsx
Download May2017BillReport.xlsx
Download August2016BillReport.pdf
Download September2016BillReport.pdf
Download October2016BillReport.pdf
Download November2016BillReport.pdf
Download December2016BillReport.pdf
Download January2017BillReport.pdf
Folder Credit, Debit and Purchase Card Statements (47 Files)
Sub Folder 2013-2014 School Year (12 Files)
Download Visa Statement April 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement August 2013.pdf
Download Visa Statement December 2013.pdf
Download Visa Statement February 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement January 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement July 2013.pdf
Download Visa Statement June 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement March 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement May 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement November 2013.pdf
Download Visa Statement October 2013.pdf
Download Visa Statement September 2013.pdf
Sub Folder 2014-2015 School Year (12 Files)
Download Visa Statement - April 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - August 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement - December 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement - February 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - January 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - July 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement - June 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - March 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - May 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - November 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement - October 2014.pdf
Download Visa Statement - September 2014.pdf
Sub Folder 2015-2016 School Year (12 Files)
Download Visa Statement - August 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - July 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - November 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - October 2015.pdf
Download Visa Statement - September 2015.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_April_2016.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_December_2015.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_February_2016.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_January_2016.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_June_2016.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_March_2016.pdf
Download Visa_Statement_-_May_2016.pdf
Sub Folder 2016-2017 School Year (11 Files)
Download VISA_Statement_-_July_2016.pdf
Download VISACreditCard-February_2017.pdf
Download VISACreditCard-May2017.pdf
Download VISACreditCard_-_April_2017.pdf
Download VISACreditCard_-_March_2017.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_August_2016.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_September_2016.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_October_2016.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_November_2016.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_December_2016.pdf
Download VISA_Statement_-_January_2017.pdf
Folder Investment Performance Reports (48 Files)
Sub Folder 2013-2014 School Year (12 Files)
Download Investment Report April 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report August 2013.pdf
Download Investment Report December 2013.pdf
Download Investment Report February 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report January 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report July 2013.pdf
Download Investment Report June 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report March 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report May 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report November 2013.pdf
Download Investment Report October 2013.pdf
Download Investment Report September 2013.pdf
Sub Folder 2014-2015 School Year (12 Files)
Download Investment Report - April 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - August 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report - December 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report - February 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - January 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - July 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report - June 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - March 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - May 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - November 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report - October 2014.pdf
Download Investment Report - September 2014.pdf
Sub Folder 2015-2016 School Year (12 Files)
Download Investment Report - August 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - July 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - November 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - October 2015.pdf
Download Investment Report - September 2015.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_April_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_December_2015.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_February_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_January_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_June_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_March_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_May_2016.pdf
Sub Folder 2016-2017 School Year (12 Files)
Download Investment_Report_-_April_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_February_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_January_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_July_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_June_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_March_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_May_2017.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_August_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_September_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_October_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_November_2016.pdf
Download Investment_Report_-_December_2016.pdf
Folder Other District Financial Information (0 Files)
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