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Your School Board
The Rocky Ford School Board is comprised of a five-member Board of Directors. The School Board represents the people of the district as the legal body that establishes educational policies and sets goals and objectives for the district. These policies and goals are carried out by the Superintendent and staff under the board’s direction.

Terms are for four years and overlap to ensure continuity of Board leadership. School board members receive no pay for their public service. The School Board is accountable to you, the Rocky Ford Community, and to the state and federal governments.
The Superintendent
Superintendent of Schools, Kermit Snyder, is the chief executive officer of the board but does not vote. It is his responsibility to advise board members on all matters, to execute policies and decisions made by the Board, and to operate the district so that all students receive an excellent education.
Board Members
Darren Garcia, President 469-1453

Alan Frantz, Vice-President 254-4576

Sharri Moreland, Secretary 254-7517

Sandra Lundquist, Treasurer 469-3129

Ellen Schweizer, Director 248-2928
Board Purpose
As a team, the board provides excellent governance for the Rocky Ford learning enterprise which leads to higher student achievement.

Board Focus Areas

Student Achievement

Financial Management

Celebrating People

Community Engagement

Leadership Effectiveness

Board Core Values

Student Centered

Continuous Improvement

Unified Work



Board Meetings
Regular Board of Education (BOE) meetings are held on the first Tuesday of most months in the Boardroom, Central Office, 601 South 8th Street, Rocky Ford. Board meetings regularly begin at 7:00 p.m. December and January, the BOE meetings are held on the second Tuesday. April, May and June we have a second BOE meeting on the third Tuesday. We do not have a July BOE meeting.

Regular meetings are open to the public. Copies of the agenda are available at the meeting and are available at least 24 hours in advance at the Central Office. Copies of board materials are also available for review at the meeting.

A quorum of board members (three of the five members) must be present for a regular meeting to take place. All actions authorized or required by law are performed in open sessions. State law allows the board to consider the following matters in executive session and then vote on them in open session:

· Transactions of any real, personal, or other property

· Conferences with an attorney

· Matters required to be kept confidential by federal or state law or regulations

· Specialized details of security arrangements or investigations

· Determination of positions on negotiations

· Personnel matters

· Consideration of documents protected under the mandatory nondisclosure provision of the Open Records Act

· Discussion of individual students where public disclosure would have an adverse effect on the persons involved
Talk to us!
The ‘Audience’ item on the agenda is a specific time set aside at both the beginning and end of each meeting for public communication to the board. At that time, interested people may present comments, suggestions or concerns, even if they are not on the agenda. However, an item must be on the agenda before official action can be taken by the Board.

If you wish to make a formal presentation before the Board, arrangements should be made with the Superintendent five school days prior to the meeting date so that such presentation may be scheduled on the agenda. No presentation shall exceed fifteen (15) minutes.

When you address the Board at audience time

Please stand at the podium that is in front of the audience. Remember to state your name and the organization, if representing one. Please limit your comments to five minutes per individual speaker with no discussion to exceed 20 minutes. If you have printed information to share with the Board, please provide seven copies for the BOE, Superintendent, and records

If you want to be on the agenda

The School Board meeting agenda is set by the Board President and Superintendent. Individuals who wish to request an item be placed on the agenda should do so by contacting the Superintendent at Rocky Ford School District, 719-254-7423.

Requests should include name, address, phone number, organization represented, purpose of the presentation or pertinent background information. To be included on a Tuesday night agenda, requests must reach the Superintendent by the prior Tuesday. The inclusion of items is at the discretion of the Superintendent and Board President.
If you have a question or concern about the schools
Citizens are encouraged to communicate with Rocky Ford educators and school board members. If you have a concern, the best place to begin is with those directly involved and responsible, usually at the specific school with the teacher and/or principal. It is there that most problems can be quickly and productively resolved. If questions still remain, please contact the Superintendent and, if you’re convinced that further action is required, the Board is available to hear your concerns.
We welcome your ideas, questions or suggestions. With your help, we can achieve our goal of continued excellence in education.